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Social Security Disability Insurance is a fairly well-known concept. Supplemental Security Income, however, is a somewhat less well-known but just as vital federal income supplement program. Whereas Social Security Disability Insurance provides injured parties with financial assistance when they can no longer work, Supplemental Security Income is a different program that helps low-income people such as the blind, the elderly, and the disabled who do not qualify for SSD.

For help understanding the difference between SSDI and SSI, and to find out which you might qualify for, contact our San Antonio SSI attorney today!

Understanding Supplemental Security Income

SSI is a strictly need-based program which provides assistance to those who are disabled, but who do not meet the work requirements necessary to receive assistance through SSDI. In addition to meeting the SSDI requirements that the individual be unable to continue working as a result of a medical condition for at least a year, eligible applicants must also have a very limited income and under $2000 worth of assets. If approved, household income and assets will help to determine your monthly award.

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